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Cancer treatment in Odessa: targeted, personal immunotherapy

Immunotherapy should not be seen as a “one-size-fits-all” modality. Knowing which patients to treat with which agents will be critical for the approval of new immunotherapies, and the identification of immunotherapy biomarkers is needed to identify those patients.
For this, we are developing a panel of patient immunological parameters. We study how the dynamics of their changes correlate with the survival rate of the patient. In addition, we are working on the creation of "small molecules" on the basis of existing ones. To achieve maximum avidity (binding strength) with the target protein.

Components of success:
1. Action on 9 target proteins
2. Personal molecules for each patient
3. SMART molecules that have the properties of mixed agonists - antagonists. That is, they selectively inhibit hyperactive proteins and stimulate passive "silent" proteins. 
All this allows you to get the maximum effect from personal therapy.
4. Safety for the patient. The data in the study of acute toxicity "Mercureid" lead to the conclusion - with intragastric introduction, the study drug does not produce toxic effects on the body. The preparation according to the classification of substances for toxicity, is a class IV toxicity (lowest possible low toxic substance), 501 <LD50 <5000 mg / kg.

Our achievements
We are here with a very great news regarding your article submitted towards AS Cancer Biology entitled “Results Of Multitarget Therapy Anti-Pd-1 / Pd-L1 / Cd19 / Cd25 / Cd38 With Application Of Msc-428 Molecules In Patients With Different Oncopathology”, the Editorial Panel of AS Cancer Biology has elected “Best Article of the Issue” from Volume 2 &Issue 10. We are glad to notify you that, your article has been elected as the Best One among all other articles in the particular issue. We heartily congratulate you on this occasion. 
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