About the medication
Merkurid - a modern approach to the treatment of chronic inflammation in various organs
Targeted therapy key proteins and genes responsible for the development of chronic inflammation, fibrosis, cancer
Treats chronic inflammation respiratory, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital and endocrine systems
Long-term use is safe Merkurida for the patient, it is not addictive. Potentiates the therapeutic effect
Innovative nano-molecules it has targeted (sighting) effect on the proteins that are "wrong" function, without affecting the normal cells
SMART molecules - molecules SMART . A new class of molecules for the implementation of only the therapeutic effect, which reduces the risk of side effects to zero.
Merkurid - the elimination of the disease not the symptoms but the causes of genetically.
Merkurid for those who want to prolong their lives
To reduce the risk of cancer, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure. Feel like you're full of life energy, active, young, healthy
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The advantages of the medication
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Treats chronic inflammation of the respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital and endocrine systems
Target (sighting) therapy for key proteins responsible for the development of chronic inflammation / fibrosis / Cancer
Safety of the medication
It has no side effects
Possibility of long-term use
Innovative delivery technology nanomolecules drugs
For sale in pharmacies without a prescription
Indications and Usage
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Heart failure
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Rheumatoid arthritis
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Сhronic inflammation
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Flu was in mild form. The doctor recommended the medecine Mercurid. Took to destination, the state of health is stable. Thank you.
Olga, 01.03.2017
Recently I was sick with adnexitis. To strengthen the immunity prescribed "Mercureid." The drug was incredible! A month later I recovered, the pain was gone. In addition to the joy of recovery, I noted that in general I feel great. I advise everyone who is engaged in finding the right medicine!
Svetlana, 15.09.2016
Treated lymphadenitis. I was assigned the immunomodulator "Mercureid". Who has come across a similar, knows that lymphadenitis is not a joke. Can be the operation. It's good that we applied for medical help on time and the doctor prescribed competent treatment!
Vadim, 05.01.2016
At the first symptoms of flu I went to the doctor. One day the temperature rose to 38. Then I lowered it to normal. I has given medicine also my kid. We did not get sick. Rather quickly the symptoms of the disease have left, but we are on sick leave. We lay for several days. I'm at work, he's in the kindergarten. I like this medicine.
Anastasia, 07.08.2016
I gave this preparation to a dog, who was treated with mercuricum after a relapse of the excised tumor - and the tumor dissolved on the background of taking the medicine.
Sergei, 01.09.2016
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