Mercurid - Targeted Immunotherapy New Generation
Multi-target therapy key proteins and genes responsible for the development of chronic inflammation, fibrosis, cancer.
Epigenetic therapy "turning off" the genes that cause tumor growth.
Long-term use of Mercureid is safe for the patient, not addictive. Potentiates therapeutic effect.
Innovative nanoparticles have a targeted effect on proteins that function "incorrectly" without affecting normal cells.
SMART molecules - A new class of molecules to realize only the therapeutic effect, which reduces the risk of side effects to zero.
Mercureid - eliminating the cause of cancer at the gene level
Using fifth generation nanoparticles with SMART effect
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Mercureid and Nobel laureates
Our research center has been working hard since 1989 to create molecules for Target immunotherapy of a new generation
The main difference from the molecules for which the Nobel Prize was awarded:
  • – Impact on 9 target proteins
  • – Safety for the body
  • – Personal approach
  • – Affordable price
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The advantages of the medication
We were selected
Treats chronic inflammation of the respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital and endocrine systems
Target (sighting) therapy for key proteins responsible for the development of chronic inflammation / fibrosis / Cancer
Safety of the medication
It has no side effects
Possibility of long-term use
Innovative delivery technology nanomolecules drugs
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I have been ill with tonsillitis for a long time. I did not pay attention to it. But when I visited the doctor, he said that it could turn into cancer. Many people with tonsil cancer don’t notice any symptoms even after they’re diagnosed. The symptom N 1 for tonsil cancer is having one tonsil larger than the other. Another common symptom is a constant sore throat. Symptoms depend on the size of the cancer. Fortunately, it was a very early stage and the doctor recommended Target immunotherapy. I decided to start with taking Mercureid. After 4 months of treatment, the doctor hasn’t found any signs of inflammation and malignancy of the cells. Histology shows healthy cells. There are no cancer cells. Now I am living without discomfort and trouble.
Liza, 05.02.2018
I have been taking various medications for a long time to strengthen my immunity. Nothing helped, only allergy appeared. I caught seasonal colds (flu) 5-6 times a year. In addition, the gynecologist said that I had an active papillomavirus which could cause cervical cancer. After considering all pros and cons, I applied target immunotherapy. As a result, there are no seasonal colds now. The gynecologist said that the virus was not detected any more. Thus, I saved myself not only from influenza viruses, but also from cervical cancer. I became more energetic and active. My vital forces increased greatly.
Alexandra, 21.04.2018
My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We received the most modern hormonal therapy. We were treated with radiation and chemotherapy. But despite it, after 5 months, metastases in the bones appeared. He was withering away. He was suffering severe pains. It seemed the outcome of the disease was predetermined. But, as a last chance, he decided to use Mercureid. As a result, the father is still alive. The intensity of the pain has lessened significantly. Metastases have decreased by 60%. He has got a new interest in life. We continue the treatment and believe in the victory over cancer.
Vadim, 05.01.2016
I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At first I experienced - shock, fear, depression. Then, my friend told me how she had treated her mother with the help of Mercureid. Therefore, I decided to use Target immunotherapy: to use the drug Mercureid. This method of treatment turned out to be both progressive and effective for me. Thank you for this invention. Mercureid contributed greatly to the global fight against cancer. We have won! And I wish everybody to overcome this problem too!
Tatyana, 12.04.2018
Mercureid helped me cope with a malignant neoplasm of the large intestine. I will not write much, because there is a special site for it. I will only tell that the treatment was long. But I endured it well. There were no toxic manifestations. I recovered. Now I am taking this drug for the disease prevention (almost all of my relatives are diagnosed with cancer). I am grateful to the people who invented Mercureid. Thanks a lot!
Andrey, 09.07.2018
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